Portrait of Bill
oil stick and assemblage on wood with duck
and picture frame, 39x42x6, 1985

Nature Boy No. 2
oil stick on paper, 11.5" x 8.5", 1986

Self Portrait
oil stick on paper, 5.25" x 3.75", 1988

oil on canvas, 7" x 27", 1990
collection Jon Cushman

Rubyfruit Jungle
oil on board, 32.5" x 40" 1990

My Harum
oil stick on paper, 10" x 13.5", 1991

collecton Courtney Shrieve

The image shown above is the last in a series called "Paper Dolls." Since there is a whole story connected with that series I have created a separate page for it called, naturally, Paper Dolls.

Boxer XX
oil on canvas, 18" x 14"
collection Tony Adam

Two Faces (from video series)
oil stick on paper, 13.5" x 16", 1997

Parents of Narnia
oil on canvas, 21"xz26" 2006

copyright Alec Clayton 1995

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