Pencil study 

In graduate school at East Tennessee State University, 1969-70, I did a series of large shaped canvases
a la Fran
k Stella. I no longer have any of the paintings and can't remember what happened to them, but I
do have two small pencil studies for some of those paintings, the one above and the one below.



American Odalisque 
(approx. 48" width, acrylic on canvas, 1985)

I was relearning how to paint when I did "American Odalisque." I had quit painting for about five years and
had just started back. It was influenced by Tom Wesselman's Great American Nude series. I always
thought it belonged over a bar, preferably somewhere in the Deep South. This painting and "L.A. Woman"
(below) were left behind when I movedto the West Coast in 1988. I don't know where they are now.

L.A. Woman 
(96.5" x 115" x 3", oilstick and acrylic on board with assemblage, 1986)

This was my first and only mural-size painting. At nearly 8 x 10 feet it took up one whole wall of the
tiny apartment we were living in when I painted it (my "studio" was the living room). In order
to see the whole thing, I had to walk down the hall to the bedroom, and up close the perspective
was all distorted. The gray figures in front are painted on cutout boards that stand three inches
in front of the rest.



Big Joan (clothed and nude versions)
oil stick on board, dimensions variable, 7 feet tall, 1989

The nude figure was painted on a wood panel such as those used in hollow-core doors and cut to
shape. The clothes were painted separately on another panel, with hooks on the back to fasten
the clothes to the body like an old fashioned paper doll. This was, in fact, part of a series of paintings
called paper dolls. All paintings in this series have long since been sold or given away. the last I knew,
this one belonged to the woman who posed for it. The original study for this was done in oil stick on
Fomecore board. It was 17 inches tall. Many years after I painted this I created a collage from the original
study. I called it "Little Joan with Mask." It's on my figure paintings page.


4th and Columbia
oil stick on board, circa 1990

I did a series of five or six city scenes from sketches done in downtown Olympia, Washington.
I no longer have any of them. They've been sold, given away or lost, and this is the only one I
have a photo of.

Video Series: Self-portrait 
oil stick and acrylic on canvas, 18.5" x 16.5" 1989

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